# Composer


To run composer commands line you must move in your minotaure-theme

# Widgets

# Single widget

# Starter

Widget Command line
01 Columns composer require basic/columns
02 Editor composer require basic/editor
03 Form composer require basic/form
04 Image composer require basic/images
05 News composer require basic/news
06 Text Image composer require basic/text_img
07 Video composer require basic/video
08 Hero composer require basic/hero

# Premium

Widget Command line
01 Campaigns composer require premium/campaigns
02 Events composer require premium/events
03 Faq composer require premium/faq
04 Map composer require premium/map
05 Partners composer require premium/partners
06 Projects composer require premium/projects
07 Testimonials composer require premium/testimonials
08 Team composer require premium/team
09 MapMulti composer require premium/mapmulti
10 Step composer require premium/step

# Tailor

All tailor should be add to the repo, to access them if need it to in a new project.

# Packages

Load a complete package — starter or premium —

composer package basic

composer package premium

# Cloning

Minotaure plugin is only a kind of template. Everything is editable.

A widget clone in the minotaure-theme automaticaly "erase" the original widget from minotaure-plugin

Cloning Command line Example
01 Complete widget composer clone pack name all composer clone basic images all
02 form.twig composer clone pack name form composer clone basic images form
03 widget.twig composer clone pack name widget composer clone basic images widget
03 Register.php composer clone pack name register composer clone basic images register

# Users

# Create all users

composer createAll

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