# Why is Terminal asking me informations

The installation of Minotaure has been really simplified.No need to look for hours and hours in all your files to define required informations ; everything takes place in your terminal. Sometimes some mistakes can happend but every file is still available !

# Environnement

Root file : /.env

APP_URL : https://minotaure.io

DATABASE_NAME : minotaure




# Manifest

Root file : /htdocs/manifest.json

Project name : Minotaure Builder for everyone

Short name : Minotaure

Description : Create your website with Wordpress and Minotaure.

Background color: : #000000

Theme color : #ffffff

# Config

Url : https://minotaure.io

Site name : Minotaure

Username : admin

Password : my-password

Email : admin@spade.be

The composer creates your wordpress installation without using the interface and executes a wpcli command.

wp core install --url=$URL --title=$NAME --admin_user=$USER --admin_password=$PASSWORD --admin_email=$Email  --path=./htdocs/cms/"

Then* the* composer runs* a script to download and activate plugins and theme.

  • WP mail smtp
  • Classic editor
  • Minotaure Theme
  • Minotaure Plugin

Gravity forms is not supported by the wpcli command line. The installation must be made manually.

Last Updated: 4/14/2020, 11:57:40 AM