# Set your website

# Minotaure > Settings

Enabled for clients.

# Widgets available

This is the complete list of widgets installed for the project*. Everytime a widget is installed, it will be added to this list.

# Display CSS

# Wireframe

This is the very basic style of a minotaure-theme. At anytime in a project construction, you can switch it on. Remember, the wireframe mode do not use a custom widget or some modifications you may have done on a widget ; this mode only displays* HTML widgets from Minotaure plugin..

# Theme

This is your style theme.

# Display Widgets:

Builders are not automatically set one every post type. You can define on which post the builder should be.

# Minotaure > Theme

Enabled for clients.

# Logos:

Logos of the client in a B&W mode and a colored mode

# Informations:

Global informations of the clients

# Minotaure > Social Network

Enabled for clients.

# Minotaure > Widgets Init

Disabled for clients or administrator. Enabled for sheriff role

This a complete list of installed widgets. A widget can be added or removed from the builder.

Last Updated: 4/14/2020, 11:57:40 AM